Lisa & Nala

Best friends: Lisa & Nala

I love my best friend because...she always makes me smile with her lovely and silly behaviour.Life with Nala is...the best thing on earth!

♡ How old is Nala?

Nala is nine months old.

♡ How did you become best friends?

It was love at first sight. I ever dreamed of having a dog, instead I got a guinea pig when I was 10 years old. Nevertheless I loved it a lot but I could not stop dreaming of having a dog.

♡ What is life like with Nala?

The best life I could imagine. All things in my life became so much better since Nala is on my side even my health is getting better since she is here. I start every day with a smile when she is giving me her good-morning-kiss. :-)

♡ Where does she sleep and what's her favorite thing to do?

She has a comfortable dog bed next to our bed in the sleeping room where she sleeps at night. But in the mornings she can come in our bed for a cuddle. ;-)The thing she likes the most is to open a treat-filled shoebox with her teeth and claws.

 ♡ If she could talk, what do you think she would say?

"Mommy, do you have more cheese?" 

Nala is rocking The Mucky Pup from our Friendship Collection.