Because Best Friends Should Match!

Whether you are at work, school, on vacation or simply in the next room, FriendshipCollar means that you and your bestie are always connected, no matter how far apart you may be.

FriendshipCollar Equine

Does your best friend have hooves? Our Friendship Halters are made from animal friendly vegan leather, keeping your horse super comfy, stylish and always connected! All of our horse halters come with a matching bracelet just for you!

my horse needs this!

cutest comment of the week

The collar and bracelet are both beautifully made, will definitely be purchasing more as my puppy grows. - Lindsey T.

FriendshipCollar feeds rescues

We believe that every pooch & every cat should find their forever home and that every human should have a best friend with paws! So for every sale made, we donate food to shelters across the USA. Sign up to our newsletter to hear all about FC feeds rescues and if your local rescue needs our help, please nominate them below.

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