Find a Friend Friday

"Find a Friend Friday" 🐶👯

It's heartbreaking to think how many gorgeous pooches are sleeping alone tonight with no BFF in sight and how many amazing adventures they are dreaming of being on! You can make that happen. Every Friday we will be featuring adoptable pets from rescues all over in the hopes of matching people with their perfect NEW best friend.

We are excited to be teaming up with rescue centres and shelters across the USA, to shed some light on the incredible work that they are doing! We thought that it would be great exposure for some of the overlooked lonely pups that are in great need of love and friendship. We believe that every pooch should find their forever home, and that everyone should have a best friend with paws. We hope that this campaign will create lifelong friendships.

We donate FriendshipCollars to all the rescues involved, your future best friend is waiting for you to put on your matching bracelet and take them to their forever home.

🌟 Star Rescues 🌟

We will also be featuring incredible rags to rescue transformations as we hear so many rescue stories each day that melt our hearts. From Nono Little Heart who was found on the side of the road in a great state of neglect, nursed back to health and flown to join her new family. To Honey left at the shelter due to a defect, meaning she wouldn't live long, with her new owner wanting to give her the best year of her life, going through her bucket list, one treat at a time! Our Star 🌟 Rescues will highlight the incredible act of giving a dog a home and what a joy it is when you find your BFF, a friend for life, always by your side, every step of the way.

A round of appawse for the kind-hearted people out there who rescued their besties! Please - share your heartwarming stories of rescuing your own pup or cat with us!

For anyone wanting to adopt and share their homes and lives with a furry friend keep your eyes peeled for "Find a Friend Friday"! We hope that you can find your furry friend through this initiative.

We want to be a part of these incredible life transformations and we will be giving a FriendshipCollar to every featured Find a Friend Friday pet that's adopted. If you see the bestie of your dreams, please reach out to the rescue for more information, and loop us in after the adoption!