Bad to the Bone

We’re all familiar with it – your pooch does something “naughty” and then gives you those puppy dog eyes and your heart melts, but the heinous crime remains! If any of you have spent over an hour trying to get poop off the carpet, pee off your laptop or had something chewed up by your one and only BFF then we want to hear from you! Some of these ruff riders have the act of disobedience down to a science. We think we have found some of the naughtiest pupper crimes but we want to know…has your bestie done anything worse?

We are launching FriendshipCollar NON-Confidential. That’s FC-NC! A place where you can share everything with us that your bestie has done that made you laugh or cry! This no-holds barred section will shed the light on some of the hilarious antics our besties get away with. Busted while chewing your shoes? Caught in the act of ripping up the sofa? These besties are bad to the bone… and we LOVE it! Who’s a Bad Boy?

If you are going to share your secrets with us, then it’s only fair that we share our secrets with you.

We asked everyone at FriendshipCollar to tell us the naughtiest thing their besties have done. Here are some of the highlights, we chose the one’s that wouldn’t put you off your lunch! We now can’t look at these cute puppers in the same way ever again!

The Next Beauty Blogger?

New beauty formula’s are super long lasting! Which isn’t great when your make up bags gets into the wrong paws!

“I left my make up bag on my bed when I was in a rush and came home to my dog looking extra glam. He had chewed on my eyeliner, eaten a whole tube of lipstick and re-decorated my room with foundation, glitter and the entire contents of my beauty essentials!” 


I-Didn’t Do it!

Dogs are finding new ways to ruin our homework, after all ‘My dog ate my homework’ excuse was getting a little old and eating paper was never much fun for them!

“I was headed out the door and could smell urine. Never a good thing in the morning, and it turns out that my bestie had peed on my laptop bag and ruined my Macbook!”


Buried Treasures? Or just plain old dirty shoes?

Our pups love to dig in the dirt and hide their favorite toys for later, which means super duper mud stained floors hence the Mucky Pup FriendshipCollar name was born! Dirty Paws, mud stained floors, big doe eyes. you can’t help but adore”

“My back yard looks like someone has been digging for buried treasure. Any time I leave my bestie for a minute they manage to dig like crazy, however instead of hiding their toys and tennis balls in the holes, my shoes always seem to end up in there!” 


Breaking and entering:

Don’t worry! I’m coming… I just need to chew my way to you on the other side!

“My bestie hates it when I close the door, they are a little needy and even when I use the bathroom they expect to be let in! My doors all have scratch marks and parts missing, talk about my bestie always being by my side!”


The Angry Pooper

Guilty, yet cute!

“My pup is mostly a good girl and is pretty overall excellent when I go out. But, if I’ve left her too many days in a row, you can be assured she will leave ME a present in the form of a small, angry poop, always strategically dropped right in front of an air vent so the aroma can waft through the whole house.”


Tasty Treats?

Please pick it up…so my pooch doesn’t eat it!

“My bestie has this thing for poop. When I take him on a walk he is always looking for other doggie’s poop! While some pups sniff the goods, my bestie tries to eat it!!!! Eeek! He’s cute, sneaky and stubborn, so sometimes it’s impossible to stop him! He always looks so proud of himself though! Licking his lips!”

We know these proudly felonious puppers are only adorably bad but the world needs a few Mischief Makers!

Does your bestie have a rap sheet? Let us know when your friend has been truly bad to the bone!

We can’t wait to hear more about your besties, tell us all about your BFF and we may share your submission,  on our Instastories, with FriendshipCollar Non-Confidential.

C.A.U.T.I.O.N: If your bestie is good as gold don’t let them read this blog post as they may get some bad ideas!

Love & friendship x

We can't wait to hear more about your besties, tell us all about your BFF and we may share your submission,  on our Instastories, with FriendshipCollar Non-Confidential.C.A.U.T.I.O.N: If your bestie is good as gold don't let them read this blog post as they may get some bad ideas!Love & friendship x